Yerevan Music Week to take place from 11 to 17 May 2020

Yerevan Music Week

Devised to bring together local and international musicians and music industry representatives, Yerevan Music Week (YMW) from 11th to 17th May will provide a platform to participate in a 7-day conference/festival of learning, networking and showcasing.

Taking advantage of Music of Armenia’s recourses, know-how, networks and connections, and as part of our on-going efforts to support Armenian musicians in growing their careers by giving them the chance to participate at innovative projects and to promote Armenian music to international audiences, Yerevan Music Week aims to encourage collaboration between Armenian musicians, industry representatives and regional/international professionals as a way of promoting international and cross-cultural collaboration and context.

Yerevan Music Week will fill in the missing link of an official resource for musicians to develop, educate, meet, network and collaborate. YMW will encourage a dialogue with new actors and markets to motivate and empower. The musicians and industry professionals will gain direct access to international colleagues and the opportunity to be involved in the exchange and inception of new ideas with fellow musicians from around the world.

Through Yerevan Music Week we aim to introduce a new experience for local musicians and the region, as it not only provides a platform for networking and showcasing but it also is committed to building and nurturing a community by forming a solid basis for the development of long-term partnerships.