Tsovits Tsov unites global Armenian talent through its musical heritage

Authentic Light Orchestra | © Music of Armenia

The atmosphere was ceremonial, the audience was curious and the performers where excited. This was the mood at the first Tsovits Tsov International Music Competition, which took place on 23 November 2014 at Moscow Kremlin.

For the first time, talented Armenian musicians from all over the world performed on one stage. The international music competition Tsovits Tsov is a unique project, which aims to revive Armenian music in combination with modern trends of world music culture. The competition was open to amateur and professional musicians who submitted their entries in any of 10 categories. After an online voting, 13 finalists were chosen to perform at the Gala concert in Kremlin.

The Gala concert was indeed one to remember for many reasons. Bringing together Armenian music and talent form around the world, it united everyone and gave a real sense of pride to each and every participant and attendee.

Judges included Arto Tuncboyajian, Lena Chamamyan, Roland Gasparyan and Karnig Sargisyan. The audience also enjoyed performances by the judges and special guests. The concert was concluded by the award ceremony during which two finalists received awards. The awards were in two categories and the winners were selected by the judges and the audience.

HAV Folk Trio won the hearts of the audience when they were awarded ‘The Audience Choice Award’ presented to them by Arto Tuncboyajian who joined them on stage to perform the winning song “Lusnyak Gisher”. HAV Folk Trio’s members include Håvard Enstad, cello from Norway, Anatol Eremciuc, accordion from Moldavia and Vigen Hovsepyan, voice, duduk and drawer from Armenia. The trio came together with the idea of using the treasures of traditional music of their own cultures. Mixing the songs and styles to create a unique sound of their own.

The official winners of Tsovits Tsov 2014 were Authentic Light Orchestra with their version of “Mokats Harsner”. Authentic Light Orchestra was founded by multi-instrumentalist Valeri Tolstov in 2009 with an idea to combine different musical genres such as jazz, rock, elements of eastern folk, modern classics and live electronic. The main inspiration and incentive of musicians of the Authentic Light Orchestra are the creation of a fresh view on folklore music with the aim to find a new musical language or a new sound specific to the band.

Tsovits Tsov certainly marked the beginning of something very important and special – a competition, which celebrates the preservation of Armenian musical heritage with a new twist.