Today We Celebrate Elvira Ouzounian's Birthday

Elvira Ouzounian

Elvira Ouzounian was born in Tbilisi. She took singing classes at the fourth music school in Tbilisi and went on to study in the Faculty of History at Pushkin State Pedagogical Institute in Tbilisi. She would have become a history teacher, if the song didn’t “sound” in her and didn’t make her take that path.

Elvira had been singing for a long time, and she just had to listen to her heart. She got accepted to the Singing Department at Tbilisi State Conservatory, and she still hadn’t graduated from the conservatory when she was invited to perform at the Spendiaryan Theater of Opera and Ballet in 1962. She appeared with her beauty and charm and became the audience’s favorite with her beautiful voice.

A year after she arrived in Yerevan, she graduated from the conservatory and stayed there. “Elvira became a breakthrough in Armenian opera. She was a soprano, but wasn’t afraid and marveled us with her performances of songs for sopranos,” this is what conductor Hakob Voskanyan said about the singer. One of Ouzounian’s best opera songs was the song of Anush in the Anush opera. She performed after Haykanush Danielyan and Gohar Gasparyan, broke several stereotypes established for the image of Anush, showed the lightness and grace of a girl from the mountains, as well as the freedom and charm of the soul.  

“Elvira Ouzounian was truly one of the best performers of the song of Anush in Armenia and went down in the history of Armenian operas,” wrote art critic Sergey Arakelyan, while academic Levon Hakhverdyan, who once touched upon the “Anush” opera and recalled Elvira Ouzounian, considered her performance the best of all performances of the song of Anush.

But the song of Anush wasn’t the only song that made Elvira Ouzounian popular. She has also sung the songs of Violetta and Jilda, Olympia and Maria, Rosina and Maro, Marfa and Anna…in other words, the best songs in the list of songs of Armenian, Russian and world opera.

Alongside all that, she has also starred in films and has become the most charming and the most intellectual actress in Armenian cinema. She has played Anna in “Our Daily Water” (Jure Hanapazorya), Maro in “Coast of Adolescence” (Patanekutyan Ap) and other roles, each of which has helped reveal the unique actress.

Now, for more than two decades, she has been living in Boston and has established an organization that supports young talented people. She visits Armenia every year to receive more energy and live for Armenia once again.