Music Scholarships at the University of Kent, UK

University of Kent Music Scholarship

Music Scholarships are awarded to around 35 students each year. In return, the University expects the recipient to make a major contribution to the musical life of the campus. Scholarships will normally be allocated only to those whose musical interests and talents can be supported within the University community. 

Deadline: none, but as early as possible prior to the start of the academic year 
Open to: undergraduates and postgraduates registrants of the University of Kent 
Scholarships: up to £5,000/year; up to £500 of free vocal or instrumental tuition per year

There are two types of University Music Scholarship:

1.University Music Scholarship Worth up to £5,000 per year – paid in two equal installments during the academic year. Open to all new undergraduate or postgraduate registrants.

2. University Music Lesson Scholarship Worth up to £500 of free vocal or instrumental tuition per year. The University awards a number of Music Lesson Scholarships to enable students to continue with their instrumental and vocal studies whilst at Kent. Lessons are arranged with experienced teachers throughout the South East. Open to all undergraduate or postgraduate registrants.

Application details on the official website