Help us kick off Yerevan Duduk Festival

Yerevan Duduk Festival | © Music of Armenia

Music of Armenia is delighted to announce the launch of Yerevan Duduk Festival, an annual festival, which, for the first time, will take place in Yerevan in October 2015. 

Celebrating the beauty of this unique instrument, Yerevan Duduk Festival aims to preserve and promote the legacy of duduk and its music. Over 3 days, Yerevan Duduk Festival will bring together musicians of all backgrounds and levels of experience in an event solely dedicated to this utmost important instrument.

Yerevan Duduk Festival will further enhance the importance of duduk and provide a platform for local and international duduk players and the general public to learn more about the instrument and fully experience its rich and versatile music. 

How you can help
Music of Armenia has ambitious plans and we fully intend to deliver these by exploiting our own strengths and skills. However, with your support, we will be able to create and deliver an engaging and interactive festival, which will offer high quality music by established and up-and-coming duduk players. 

To launch the festival and make it a true success, we require $13,770. We would like to ask you to kindly support us by contributing towards the budget to help us deliver the festival and cover its costs.

What you get
• A great feeling of knowing that you have contributed to something important.
• Being a part of a historic event.
• The chance to tell your grandchildren: I helped to make it happen.
• Beautiful custom made T-shirts with Armenian musical designs. 
• A chance to promote your company, brand, product or service for free, while supporting a significant cause. 
• And last but not least - our immense gratitude to you for believing in us and giving duduk players the chance to celebrate their fine craft. 

Other ways you can help
• Apart from the set amounts, you can also choose to donate a different amount, just adjust the amount when making a contribution.
• Help us spread the word about our fundraising campaign by sharing it with your contacts.
• Like and share the festival's website and social media.

Click here to make a contribution and help us make it happen.