Disarming Time: musical paintings by Serj Tankian

Disarming Time Musical Paintings By Serj Tankian

Eye For Sound will be presenting the premiere interactive art exhibit of Disarming Time: Musical Paintings by Serj Tankian from November 15 – 21 during the hours of noon to 6pm at Project Gallery in Hollywood, California. The gallery is located at 1553 N. Cahuenga Blvd.

A uniquely audible and visual experience, Disarming Time features a collection of Tankian’s 22 original art pieces: paintings, mixed media and sculptural works paired with a track of music composed specifically for each visual work. Via a set of headphones accompanied by his newly created IOS/Android application ‘Eye for Sound’ (powered by VStory), smartphones are able to scan and recognize art and immediately cue the associated audio track and other content.

Of the project which began in early 2013, Tankian says, “The urge came to me in the discovery that music has become so temporal and devalued in the world today, so I wanted to create an exclusive experience…something unique for someone to hold so they become the only person to experience that. I’m aiming to have people SEE the music and HEAR the art. Using a modern app, we’re able to take Kandinsky’s Synesthesia to a whole new level.” 

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