Competition - Design logo for Sayat Nova Festival

Sayat Nova


Music of Armenia is delighted to announce the launch of Sayat Nova Festival dedicated to Sayat Nova and Ashough culture. The festival, for the first time, will take place in Yerevan in June 2016. To kick off the festival with a bang and to get you involved in the creation of this remarkable event, we have decided to announce a competition in search of the best logo for the festival.

Sayat Nova Festival

Celebrating the beauty of this unique artform, Sayat Nova Festival aims to preserve and promote the legacy of Sayat Nova and ashough culture in general. For several days, Sayat Nova Festival will bring together musicians of all backgrounds and levels of experience in an event solely dedicated to this utmost treasured artform.

What you get
1. The winning designer will get $100.
2. Should we feel that the winning logo is the best choice for the festival, your logo will become the official logo of the festival.
3. The winning logo, designer and their work will also be featured on Music of Armenia’s and Sayat Nova Festival’s websites, social networking websites and newsletter.

Terms and Conditions

The goal of the competition is to find a logo that is best suitable for Sayat Nova Festival. You are free to use your imagination when designing the logo. The only requirement is that your design reflects the festival’s mission and spirit. 
Please do not send logos containing images of Sayat Nova, the festival is dedicated to ashough culture in general. Hence, the logo must depict the wider aspect of the festival. 

1. Legible, easy to decipher the letters and the name of the festival.

2. Effective without colour, looks good in black & white
3. Scalable - works well at all sizes.

4. Versatile and multi-purpose - we must be able to use the logo for many different purposes and on various platforms, shapes and surfaces. 

5. Simple, modern and memorable - logos with Armenian patriotic designs, i.e. the Armenian flag, will be not be considered.

6. Designs will be eliminated if they are inappropriate or completely off brief.

7. Only one submission per person/company.
8. The winning design will be chosen by Music of Armenia and the winning logo may or may not be used as the official logo of the festival.

How to submit your designs

1. Share a photo of the logo on your wall and tag Sayat Nova Festival’s Facebook page on the photo. 

2. Submit your design to the festival's official Facebook group.

3. Email your designs to us.

The competition ends on 29 April 2016. Late submissions will not be accepted. The winner will be announced on 30 April 2016.