About us

Celebrating the beauty of music and its limitless power, Music of Armenia is breathing new life into the Armenian music legacy by rediscovering, preserving and promoting Armenian music and talent, while creating innovative collaborations and offering audiences outstanding concerts and festivals.

Music of Armenia has come a long way since its modest beginnings - building an international reputation for promotion of outstanding Armenian music and talent. Music of Armenia also plays a central role in the development of the Armenian music industry.

In October 2015, Music of Armenia launched its first festival - Yerevan Duduk Festival, an annual festival, which celebrates the legacy of duduk. Following the success of Yerevan Duduk Festival, Music of Armenia launched its second festival - Sayat Nova Festival in June 2016, an annual festival that promotes Sayat Nova’s music and ashough culture in general. It was only natural that Music of Armenia would also launch a festival dedicated to Armenian sacred music, and in September 2016, Sharakan Festival was born, which took place at Tatev Monastery.

In a company with progress in its DNA, Music of Armenia has vision and ambitions that transcend borders and boundaries, while delivering innovative events, which inspire, motivate and more importantly leave lasting benefits for all involved.