"I try to find music everywhere" - Hayk Föhn

Hayk Föhn

Hayk Shahnazaryan, also known as Hayk Föhn is an electronic music producer and DJ. Having graduated from Armen Tigranyan music school, where he studied piano, he certainly had a knack for music and a decade later he began producing and playing electronic music. 

In 2019 Hayk made it to the Winners League for his Techno set in a radio competition on FM 103.1. His sets travel through different genres from Techno, Melodic House, Deep House, Nu-Disco, Afro Techno House to Minimal Techno. Hayk effectively uses hypnotic synths, mystical melodies and rhythmic percussion to create an otherworldly and futuristic vibe. 

Hayk performs regularly at most of the clubs and bars in Yerevan. In February 2020 Hayk signed and released a record with Elastic Dimension Records on Beatport with three tracks: Vision, Astralis, and Eros. This EP made it to the TOP 100 Melodic House/Techno Releases and TOP 10 Breaks Releases chart on Beatport. Stay tuned, in June Hayk has another EP Hope dropping with the Italian label SMR Underground. 

How did you get inspired to begin creating electronic music? Why are you passionate about electronic music?
Music was always a passion of mine. When I was young, I played piano and eventually I realized that I wanted to make music inspired from my mind and my experiences. So, I started to experiment with various genres of electronic music. I am motivated and inspired with my work and I adore having this profession.

What equipment and programs do you use for producing and playing music? What sites do you upload your music to?
For producing and writing I use a Mac computer, an Ableton DAW, and am playing on all kinds of CDJ mixers. And for uploading I use Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Beatport, and Mixcloud.

What is your favorite genre, and why? Is there a genre you don’t like, and why?
There are not any genres that I don’t like in electronic music. Techno and House are my favorite because with them I feel like I can express myself and keep the crowd engaged. 

With social media it is easy to become mainstream. How do you stay creative? 
I try to find music everywhere... in communication with people, in films and in books. Also, I try to use everything I see, feel, and realize to create my music. This is something special about me that keeps me creative. 

Who are your inspirations? Who are the artists you most respect in music these days?
Stephan Bodzin, Maceo Plex and of course Hans Zimmer. I am inspired by the works of Hayao Miazaki who is a Japanese animator, filmmaker, screenwriter, author, and manga artist. 

Tell us about your future projects.
I have two new albums which will be released in June. The first is with Elastic Dimension Records and the second album is with another Label which I can’t say who it is yet…  

What do you think about Yerevan’s electronic music scene?  
I think that the electronic music scene has been growing here for the past two years here and will take its niche in the market soon.  

For people who have never listened to electronic music, what can you say to introduce them to it? 
Electronic music is everything in life: you can listen, feel, see and live through it. I would say: “Try it once and you will never forget it”.

Interview by Hannah Kazanjian Brewster