Armenia's Entry to Eurovision Song Contest 2019 - Srbuk "Walking Out"

Srbuk | Eurovision Armenia 2019

Armenia’s entry song for Eurovision Song Contest 2019 premiered on 10 March! “Walking out” was composed by two Armenian music artists “Lost Capital” and “tokionine”. The lyrics were written by Garik Papoyan, who has also written Aram MP3’s “Not Alone”.

“When I first heard the melody, visions flashed before my eyes. Events that haven’t yet become memories... I realized that this fight and the collapse of the emotions inside me have to be reflected in my song. I want to tell myself and everybody else: “Don’t kill love, but don’t let it kill you” - said Srbuk.

The song represents a conflict of emotions, a monologue that can quickly turn into a dialogue. Questions with no answers, a fight within yourself, a power and determination to move on.